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2012 3 Wheeler (Ted)


Colour - British racing green
Engine - S&S 2-Litre fuel injected V-twin
Transmission - Mazda 5-speed gearbox, bevel box, then a toothed belt driving a car wheel at the rear

Principle upgrades
Garage 56 big bore exhausts and 'Spitfire' air intake. Bhp 130 (115 prior to upgrade)
Bleazey centa drive torque damper modifications
Bleazey Bevel Box mount
Upgraded steering uprights
Adjustable shock absorbers
Mohair tonneau cover
LED headlights
Mota Lita woodrim steering wheel
Klaxon horn (original retained)
Cockpit mods including machined dash panels, footwell storage and light

The car has just endured an extensive rebuild after being written off by a careless driver whilst unattended in a car park

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